Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Winter Sowing

This was my first year to do what is called "winter sowing". Most of the plants in the photo were started in February or March. The photo was taken in mid-March, with most containers having already sprouted. I used mostly milk jugs cut in half, drainage holes added to bottom, and filled with about 3 inches of potting soil. After the seeds are sown and watered, the jugs are taped back together with duct tape, labeled and set outside with the lids off for ventilation. I also used plastic 'greens' containers from Costco, with slits in the covers for ventilation, and a few plastic liter bottles. I had 80+ containers, mostly flowers, but also some lettuce, kale, herbs, etc. The containers function as a mini-greenhouse and the plants come up when they are ready. This method yields hardy plants with good root systems and many plants need the cold action they get outside to germinate. I was very successful with this method and have waaaaay too many plant babies, who are now getting adopted out to friends and neighbors! :-)
For more information check out this link: http://wintersown.org/


Chelle said...

There's no doubt about it, I am your forever friend.

Mom you are such a inspiration. You should have your own gardening show on TV. As you are certainly knowledgable, and cute enough for something like that. Thanks for all your teaching and giving.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea! I'm saving milk jugs.