Monday, May 21, 2007

Old Faithful Poppies

Before we made my Cottage/Kitchen garden in our front yard, I used to garden on our 1/3 acre plot just across the road. Many years ago, I started some Oriental poppies from seed and planted them there. Even though the plot is now covered in prairie grass, the poppies still pop up every spring, and each time I am still a bit surprised by the brilliant burst of color in the landscape! It usually prompts me to take a closer look and then wander around my old garden 'ruins', looking for signs of what used to be. I found Oregano and Lemon Balm, still bravely emerging from a former herb bed, Shasta daisies, Horseradish, and some tough as nails Comfrey at the edge of the garden. Although I really enjoy my present garden, it is always a bit sad and nostalgic to visit the old, where memories linger of Scarlet Runner Bean tepees and Sunflower houses....planted for my children, now grown and gone.

Old Faithful poppies, amidst the grass seed heads.

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Nancy said...

Isn't comfry something else.....? Makes for a beautiful plant but.... My dad swore by it's healing powers....