Friday, May 18, 2007

Lovely Lupines

Lupines are the classic spring flower. The only thing that could be improved about them is if they had a longer bloom time!

I love this shade of blue, which has been rather elusive for me. Many times I bought plants labeled 'Gallery Blue' which turned out to be pink instead. I will save seeds from this one!

A luscious baby pink! Notice the one in front just starting to bloom.

Here is the same baby pink a couple of days later, with the flower in front revealing it's color.
I like planting at least two plants together for this effect. They look nice together and if I don't happen to like one of the colors, I can pinch it out and let the other remain. I do this with snapdragons, also.

Bi-color twins, against the morning sun.

Next year I hope to have some new Lupine colors, as I started seeds this spring of variety called 'Russell's Prize Mix'. I am hoping for some yellows and whites, but will have to wait until next spring for the flowers. Check back then for an update!


Chelle said...

Wow! What pretty shading on the Lupines...the various shades of pink and purple make me think of Fairlight. As they are her favorite colors.

Truly amazing Momsie-dear!

Jen Kershner said...

Chelle sent me over and boy am I glad she did! I love your flowers and your blog.

Fairlightday said...

Chelle is right. These are my favorite colors! :) I love seeing your pictures of them because I have never seen them in real life. When I was a little girl my mom read me "The Lupine Lady" and I feel in love with these flowers, but alas, they will not grow here in my native south. Some day when I wing my way north for a visit, you will have to show them to me so I know what they are really like. :)

The Weathered Pane said...

I love your lupines so much I might need to find some starts. Here, in Juneau, we have wild ones that are just starting to bloom, but they're not nearly as gorgeous as the hybrids.