Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pretty Peas!

Lest you suspect I only grow flowers here, today I will include a blossom of the vegetable sort from my kitchen garden. The great thing about a vegetable bloom is that it means the fruit will soon follow! In this case, it will be our favorite early summer veggie, Sugar Snap Peas. This variety is 'Sugar Sprint' from Nichols Garden Nursery in Albany, Oregon. The vines only grow to around 26 inches, so a tall trellis is not needed. I use the short wire type fence usually sold for flower borders. The peas have that same wonderful , sweet crunch as the original Sugar Snap variety. I am really hungry for one right now. :-)


Carol said...

I have peas blooming and pods forming now, too. What wondeful pictures you have throughout your blog.

Nancy said...

I'm just hoping the ravens leave my peas alone this year so I, too, can enjoy the sweetness of a fresh pea!