Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mystery Plant

A few weeks ago, my dear daughter was home to visit, and commented on a lovely blue flowering plant growing near our front step. She asked me what it was, and I replied that I had purchased it at a plant sale by the local garden club the previous spring, with the label 'Forget-Me-Not'. She noted that the leaves looked quite different than on her plant at home....hers being more long and narrow and mine more heart shaped. Several days later I was researching a plant in my favorite reference book "Flowers: From Seed to Bloom" and there, next to the photo I was looking at, was a photo of my "mystery" plant. It goes by the name of Brunnera, (sounds like crooner- uh) also called......can you guess? .....'False Forget-Me-Not'!

By any name, it is a lovely plant that thrives in part shade and blooms early. Here it enjoys a spot near pink Bleeding Heart and is flanked on either side by Palace Purple Coral Bells and Lady's Mantle.
The plant world is so vast. I am ever grateful for all the beauty that our Creator God has placed here for us to enjoy!


chelle said...

there, that's better

Kylee said...

I have this, too, and just love it! It's very reliable, too, coming back bigger and better every year.

I SO agree with you about God providing us with so much beauty. It gets me choked up sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed with the abundance of it.