Friday, May 18, 2007

Sign of Summer

Although by the calendar, it isn't officially summer yet.... a sure sign for me is the sighting of the first California Poppy! This one, in my bed of peas, was the first to bloom a couple of days ago. If you look closely, you can see the pea tendril wrapped around it's stem. They re-seed like crazy and come up everywhere, but I am happy to weed them out in order to save a few to enjoy all summer long. They are like sunshine in the garden, adding their brightness wherever they bloom!

My dear daughter used to love 'helping' the poppies bloom by pulling off their caps. (Okay, I admit I have done this, too....they are simply irresistible!)

This wonderful bi-color showed up in my garden last year. I saved the seed, but misplaced it and couldn't find it this year, so I hope it comes back again!

A photo from a couple of years ago..... CA poppy in front of hollyhock foilage.

The same photo as above, with Photoshop effects.
Even without the color you can see the elegance of form possessed by this humble wildflower!


meg said...

Hi- I'm dropping by from Chelle's MSN space & am thoroughly enjoying my visit.
I'll have to post some pictures of my California poppies this year; I was given a bag of red ones, which the hubby broadcasted into a shady bed. I didn't many plants, but each is big; the outsides are dk red & the inside varigated red to orange.

Cat said...

Cat says...
Your new page of poppies is lovely, as are the pansies and violas. My Amber Kiss violas are just as precious and whiskery, I haven't any pics of them. I visited your favorite other blogs and found them to be quite lovely too. You take excellent pictures, girl!