Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dairy Pink

Since my last post was about a baby blue flower, here I will give equal honor to a lovely flowering plant by the name of DAIRY PINK (Vaccaria Pyramidata), that is blooming now in the softest shades of baby pink! It is a rarely used Annual, growing to 2 feet and blooming in late spring and early summer. It makes a great filler plant in the border or cut for bouquets. Best sown in place, although I had success with winter sowing and planting out early. Self-sows, which is a quality that I greatly appreciate in my garden! Seeds which I tossed onto another flower bed last year faithfully emerged there this year.

I obtained seed from The Fragrant Path
another favorite seed catalog of mine, which specializes in seeds for fragrant, rare and old fashioned plants. There are no pictures in the catalog, but the vivid descriptions of the plants make you want to buy a packet of each !

Next year I hope to have Baby Blue Eyes planted in the foreground of Dairy Pink for a nice pink and blue effect.


Layanee said...

Hi there, just found you from another blog. Beautiful pinks and blues neither of which I have ever grown. Oh no, more to add to the 'list'.

Gloria said...

Your flowers are lovely! I "stumbled" upon your blog from one blog I always visit in MSn Spaces (I forgot which). I like flowers and although I live in a rented apartment now, my student years will finish soon and hopefully when I work I can afford a place with a backyard good enough for a garden. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through your garden, haha.

gloria said...

Oh wait, I remember now, it was from a blog called "The Value of Cheerfulness"

Just thought I'd mention it. :)

Salix Tree said...

Oh, I love this! And the Baby-blue-eyes as well. I've been wanting to make a little "pixie garden" for a while, and these would fit in perfectly.
Thank you for the ID of my orange Spanish poppy, that's exactly what it is.