Saturday, June 16, 2007


The imaginative person who gave this flower it's poetic nickname did a fine job! The layered petals of the flower nestle within the graceful, ferny foliage, giving it a soft and romantic air. It is another of the self-sowing annuals with an old fashioned cottage look. I like to use it as a filler between larger plants. It blooms in spring and early summer in various colors, all lovely! The latin name is Nigella Sativa and the variety I have is called 'Persian Jewels.'

Here is a nice light blue with white eye.

This white form is exquisite, especially with it's darker blue center.

A pair of pinks....the one on the right showing more white, with pink tips and center.

The seed pods are beautiful as well, and can be used fresh or dried in floral arrangements.

This pod shows a bit more color. They have been said to resemble a jester's hat, as this one certainly does.


Sow a single packet of these and they will return and grace you with their sweetness for years to cottage garden should be without them!


Me said...

Only one photograph opened for me and from your descriptions, I should guess there would be more from the descriptions but it is a lovely of a seed pod. I think I will need to try this one!

kris said...

I've never grown this plant - but it is really cool. Think I'll have to try and find a place for it! (all of the photos opened for me, btw) Great blog - my first time here, but pretty sure I'll be back!!

Anonymous said...

So unusual and pretty!

Andrea's Garden said...

I like using annuals as fillers, too. Still waiting on some of them to show up. Beautiful flower!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

They are sweet little flowers, aren't they? In the Netherlands we call them Little-ladies-in-the-green.

Owin & Irena said...

What a delightful flower. But I have to admit the seed pod really captured my attention. Will have to try a few in my garden.

seedling said...

Now I'll have to find some room in my garden. Thanks for the inspiration. Your photography is beautiful, as is the subject matter!

Kylee said...

I grew these for the first time last year and while they were rather sparse, they eventually rewarded me with lovely blooms such as those in the gorgeous photographs you posted here. I saved the seed and planted them again this year and will do so every year. I love them!

You've captured their beauty very well!

Christa said...

They're such a delicate and delightful little flower. I love their seedpods, too!

Carol said...

Wow your photos of "Love in a mist" are stunning!