Saturday, June 2, 2007

Poppy Pollen

The first Red Poppy bloomed in the garden today! As I walked by it, I couldn't help but notice the pollen. It was so fresh looking and had a distinct greenish tint. So I went for the camera, to see if I could capture the moment....before the bees and the breeze dispersed the lovely pollen!

Below is a close up of the poppy center with the fuzzy pollen.

That is all for busy in the garden, trying to get everything planted out, as we are having a heat wave. (88 degrees, with higher temps predicted tomorrow!) It is hard to keep my seed grown plants that are still in containers from drying out....have watered them all twice today! I like to keep a few around to fill in here and there when the perennials finish blooming. Welcome to the month of June!


Nancy said...

What a fantastic picture of the inside! It almost looks like a peppermint hard candy in the center! I've never grown poppies, although they do well here. Have you seen the Himalayan Blue Poppies? We get them in the nursery where I work; grown further up north in Alaska.

Connie said...

Have only seen pictures of the H. Blue poppies, and have read they are challenging to grow, which makes me want try. :-)