Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Sunny Valentine

I was quite excited to find this sunflower growing in my garden last fall. It was shaped exactly like a heart! I wanted to post it on my blog immediately, but after some thought I decided it would be perfect for a Valentine's day post. I want you all to know, I had to exercise great restraint to save it until now. :-) It is my Valentine to my fellow garden bloggers, friends, and family.

I was struck at just how perfect a heart shape it was, right down to the green point on the bottom!

A close up view. I regret that I didn't save the seed from this one, just for see if it might reproduce itself.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Valentines are people who
Are willing to be flowers,
Letting us enjoy their beauty
Even if for hours.
No Valentine hides from the sun,
Though sometimes lost in light.
If you love them, they just open,
Not unhappy to be woken
Even in the night.

Author unknown


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a fantastic find in your garden and I admire your restraint! What a wonderful way to wish your fellow garden bloggers a Sunny Valentine!

A Sunny Valentine to you too, Connie!

Barbara said...

This is indeed the perfect flower for Valentine!
Have a nice and perfect day too!

Kim and Victoria said...

VERY nice! Thanks.

Curtis said...

A well formed Heart. Must of been hard to keep from posting it when it was in bloom.

Christine said...

I'm not sure I could have waited! Very pretty.

joey said...

Beatiful photo ... belated 'Happy Valentine's Day' from a fellow admirer ...

Shady Gardener said...

You have "good eyes!" :-) That's the kind of Valentine that makes us even more ready for Spring! Happy Day!

Randy and Jamie said...

It even looks as if the heart is glowing in the picture!Wonderful shot!~Randy

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I had a morning glory shot with a perfect shaped heart leave I was going to use for a Valentine post, but do you think I could find it??

Andrea's Garden said...

I am bit late, but I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. I remember a post you did last year about oddities (that was you, right?) and this is neat. Andrea

Ki said...

Indeed a perfect flower for valentines.

Miranda Bell said...

It's slightly late in posting belated Happy Valentines... but what a stunning flower... I planted a whole variety of sunflowers here last year which seemed to last for ages and of course the birds love them!


kate said...

A very, very late Happy Valentine's Day to you, Connie!

I hope that you will be doing more blogging now.

You've been missed! said...

Love the sunflower, it's always fun to see iconic shapes such as the heart in nature.
Great macro too!