Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seed {Packages} of Change

I have enjoyed browsing their catalog and sampled a few seed packs from a rack at a local Food Co-op, but it was my first year to place an official order with Seeds of Change.

When they arrived, I was delightfully surprised by the bright and colorful seed packages, with their full color photos of the vegetable/flower varieties contained within.

But I must admit, I was a bit puzzled as to why this highly respected company which promotes sustainability and a healthy ecosystem, would choose plastic to house their high quality, certified organic, traditional, heirloom, open pollinated seed.... until I read the small print on the bottom of each package.

*Less energy required to produce plastic and less waste
from reuse of envelope

Apparently it takes less energy to make plastic than paper. (Not to mention it saves trees). I save my paper seed packages to re-use for seeds I collect from my vegetable and flower gardens, but what gardener wouldn't love to have these nice durable envelopes?

* Equivalent to paper in landfill accumulation
News to me, but I'm sure they've done their research... so I believe them.

*Hermetically sealed to guarantee freshness for two years, if unopened
I've often purchased seed I didn't get around to using right this is definite plus.

*Resealable to keep leftover seed fresh
Nice feature, not only for freshness but to keep those seeds off the bottom of your seed box.

There is one more great benefit, which wasn't noted on the package......
Since Seeds of Change only sells open pollinated seeds, I can save my own seed from these varieties and then house them in their lovely photo specific packages for years to come!


Ya gotta love a company that could potentially put itself out of business, by their standard of excellence in the nature and quality of the seeds they sell. And now the packages are just icing on the cake.

Thanks, Seeds of Change!


Gina said...

connie - i had read about these new packages too but I've never ordered from them. I can't wait to hear about how the seeds work for you!

Cat said...

I, too, love SoC, but ordered only from Fedco and Territorial this far. I'm "itching" to get started, and have Laura Bush petunias blooming even more now in the sunroom. God is good to me!

Brenda Kula said...

I've seen this company's seed packets on several blogs now, but I had never seen them anywhere in stores. Perhaps I'll check them out online. Thanks for the tip!

kate said...

This was interesting to read - I'm surprised about the plastic. Life is a constant learning process, huh?

So true about exercise - sometimes it is such a fight to do it, but after, things always seem better.

I hope you are doing well these days!

Melanie said...

Seeds, seeds, seeds, gotta get some seeds. Thanks for the tip on a seed company I hadn't heard about.

Can't wait to go seed shopping in the next few days!

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow! Lovin' Seeds of Change!

Curtis, Growing Thumbs said...

Plastic seed packets. Very cool. sounds like a good idea.

Randy and Jamie said...

I guess I really need to brush up on my seed planting, I'm terrible at it and patience is not a strong point of mine. I tend to kill seedlings. :-(

thepowerguides said...

Sometimes we learn on a daily basis and must admit that is interesting , would never have thought it in a million years

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I wondered about this new packaging when I first saw them, too. I'm not sure that Seeds of Change's explanation really convinces me.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Connie - it's always interesting to see the varieties available in different corners of teh universe... It's the time of year for sowing seeds... up until last weekend was feeling really pleased about sowing my sweet peas early for a change and to my horror discovered every little seed had been eaten by mice... so tomorrow I thought I'd spend some time and do a quick posting on my blog about this! I was gutted... Take care Miranda

woof nanny said...

My thoughts exactly