Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Memory

It was a year ago today that my dear Mother passed away. She loved spending time in her garden, so perhaps my love for growing things was, at least in part....inherited from her.

I'm posting this photo, taken last fall of a hollyhock in my garden, in honor of Mom. She always had hollyhocks growing all around our farm house, on the North Dakota prairie, and they remind me of her.

My brother found this full page photo and poem in an issue of the "Birds and Blooms" magazine, and it was such a fitting tribute to our Mom. (See the words of the poem below.)


Mother's Garden

My mother loved the flowers,
Each season brought new blooms.
With joy she'd plant and till and weed,
It chased away her glooms.

She know the names of each she tended
A master of her trade.
Her hands were strong and knew no wrong,
The best God ever made.

She tried to teach me all she knew,
But little did I care
For if I needed flowers,
My mother would be there.

My mother loved her garden,
'Til heaven she did go,
Where growing seasons never end,
And blooms don't fade, but grow.

And now I tend the flowers,
A love that's real and true.
For when I'm in my garden, Mom,
I'm closest there to you.

Beverly Ann Batten Kandrick


I miss you, Mom!


Nancy said...

My husband and I have both lost parents in the past 3 years. It does leave a whole in your life...

Leslie said...

I lost my Mom over ten years ago...that lovely poem reminds me of her also. It never gets easy but it does get easier and the garden is a wonderful place to remember a beloved parent.

Gina said...

connie - what a sweet post for your mom. it's so great that you have something that truly lives on in her memory. i can't say that I understand how you feel because both my parents are still alive but i sure do think it's gotta suck worse than anything in this world. i'll be sending positive thoughts your way!

Bev said...

Connie, what a beautiful flower for your Mom and a wonderful way to remember her. My mother passed away 2 years ago and I also dedicated an area for her. I always see her in walking in a beautiful garden with sunshine and lots of flowers. I'm sure that's where she is.

Weeping Sore said...

There's no better inspiration for a gardener than Mom. Reading your recollections of your own Mom made me think of my own Mom, and though she's been gone many years, I still miss her.
Your Mom would be pleased and proud of your post.

Marc said...

Very touching post and poem. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your Mom. As you know, I just lost my Dad in September. I'm sure you only miss your parent more as the months go by. I really like your ideas to remember your Mom through gardening. It will help me as I start my Dad's memorial garden.

Keep the faith and God bless!

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice post about your Mom. My Mom's been gone for 3 years. It is very difficult to lose a mother.

Kylee said...

What a lovely post, Connie. I remember seeing that page in Birds and Blooms. Hollyhocks exactly like yours remind me of my grandma, whom I'm still fortunate to have with me, at age 93. She gave me seeds from her hollyhocks, and they now grow in my gardens. What a lovely tribute to our parents and grandparents and those that were before them. It's a wonderful example of the circle of life.

jodi said...

Lovely post, sure do know exactly how it feels. My father died in June of 2005, so it's a bit longer, but no less sharper. I'm glad you came and left a note, and that I came back to visit your blog. Take care of yourself in these days when it feels tender inside.

Owin & Irena said...

a beautiful tribute.

Me said...

a beautiful tribute

kate said...

This was such a beautiful post, Connie ... our Mums hold a special place in our hearts.

I can picture the Hollyhocks growing around your family's North Dakota farmhouse. They are a staple here too ... this summer, I will take some pictures in my parent's cottage gardens of the hollyhocks and post them for you. Some years, they are just spectacular.

The poem is just beautiful ...

Shady Gardener said...

What a beautiful tribute to an obviously beautiful woman. Hollyhocks provide wonderful memories of my childhood, also. Gardens can provide such meaningful, loving memories. My condolences, Connie.

Anonymous said...

Connie, my heart goes out to you. As you know, I lost my mother last March, and I know the void in your heart.

This is a lovely tribute to your mother and for you, a place where you feel her love and presence. How fitting!

Ki said...

It is a wonderful tribute to your Mom.

I love holly hocks but they have never done well for me. The wind blows them over or the deer will graze on the buds. Funny that they don't do that to okra which is a relative.

Cat said...

You've created a sweet site to honor your mom, I appreciate it.

There are Laura Bush petunias blooming beneath my red geraniums in the sunroom!! This is completely unplanned and a wonderful surprise for the dull days ending the winter grayness of life.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Connie, what a wonderful tribute to your mother. Mothers are special, aren't they? Love that poem and how lovely that it came with a gorgeous pic of the flowers your mother loved so dearly; hollyhocks!

Miranda Bell said...

Connie these are lovely pictures and a lovely way to remember your Mum - I lost my favorite Granny a few years ago and planted up an area in our garden in her favorite colours and it's lovely being able to remember her when I'm out in the garden which I love also knowing that it was one of the places she loved most too. Miranda

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to your mom, Connie. I have grown holly hocks for the past couple of years, and love them, too. said...

I sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. That was a beautiful tribute.

kris said...

Connie - a lovely post - and a lovely way to remember your mother. I'm sending you a big hug. I can only imagine how hard it will my parents are gone.

I loved seeing all of your winter photos in previous posts - very beautiful.

joey said...

A lovely post, Connie. I hear your heart. We are forever connected to our mothers.

Though my Mother died over 35 years ago, I feel her arms around me in my garden. She inspired me as a small child ... coming in with a huge smile, beads of sweat on her nose, freckles popping on her fair face ... I knew then that she was doing something wonderful that 'fed her soul'.

Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

That is a beautiful poem and memory of your mom. I love Hollyhocks too. Nice to have you here at Blotanical.

vonlafin said...

So sorry about your Mom. I still have mine. My Dad has been gone for 28 years, and I still miss him.

chelle said...

Oh, the first three verses of that lovely little poem fit my sweet mother so perfectly.

And I miss her too.