Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pretty Posies...

It has been a very cool and cloudy March here this year, with lower temps and fewer sunny days than is typical for the month. My daffodils are in the bud stage, but seem to be in a holding pattern....perhaps waiting for some sunshine before they venture to open their cheerful yellow petals. So yesterday, when a little friend dropped by this bouquet, it really brightened my day!

At first I thought that these were real flowers....until I was close enough to see the pipe cleaner 'stems'.

They are made from tissue paper! I think this is either a Daisy or Cosmos.


And here you may recognize Narcissus Poeticus or Poet's Daffodil. There were also 3 yellow Daffodils in the jar and a couple of Carnations.

When I asked how long it took her to made the flowers, she replied that it didn't take long....except for these Irises, which took the longest. They do look pretty detailed, don't they?

It was delightful and nostalgic to receive these Pretty Paper Posies from my sweet little friend. It made me miss my own 'little girl', now grown with a daughter of her own. I had forgotten just how special it feels to be the recipient of such a simple gift....whether it be a handful of dandelions from the pudgy hand of a toddler, or a bouquet such as this, which represents the time and love it took the giver to create. Thank you , Rebecca Joy!


If you or a little person you know would like to try making these,
the instructions can be found in the book
"Tissue Paper Flowers".


chelle said...

Such a pretty little bouquet and how sweet and dear of little Becca to think of you. Those posies are truly a work of art and she obviously blessed you Mama.

Amy said...

She did such a beautiful job making those for you. I'm going to bookmark that link. I have a small son who is crafting crazy and would enjoy a project like this.

Cat said...

What a precious posie presentation! I didn't notice they were paper until I read your comments. I was too busy being jealous of the fact that you had flowers in full bloom already. What a friend you have, Connie.

garden girl said...

Aw, those are so pretty!

Kim and Victoria said...

That is so sweet, and so pretty! You deserve them.

Me said...

Oh - those are so sweet and how sweet of her to make them for you. What a lovely blessing. :)

Catherine said...

I thought they were real flowers neat for tissue paper! Those daffodils had me fooled!

Kerri said...

What a wonderful, enchanting gift! And what a sweet little friend :) It would certainly brighten up my day, and make me miss my girls too.
This is a great project for the grandkids.