Monday, March 15, 2010

Cottage Garden Seeds Giveaway...Winner!

Today was the day of the drawing, for a winner of my Cottage Garden Seed Giveaway.

And the winner is.....Irena! (O.I.M )

Irena gardens in Toronto, Canada and has a great blog entitled My Roots Run Deep. You can drop by and visit her there. Congratulations, Irena! Please go to my profile page and email me your address, so I can get the seeds in the mail to you. I just know they are going to love their new home in your garden!


Thank you to all who participated!


Kim and Victoria said...

Congrats to Irena!

Catherine said...

What a sweet thing to do, Connie! I have received seeds from you before, so I KNOW Irene will appreciate them. The picture is very inviting also.

Melissa said...


I think a 4=year-old could help with it if the design is simple - the big trick is to make sure to work with big pieces. Lay them down with the curve up then press them to break them into pieces - it is easier to work that way than to break it up small and try to manipulate the small pieces...

(plus there is the fun of cleaning and coloring the eggs!!)

O.I.M said...

Thank you Connie!!! What a thrill to grow some of the beautiful flowers you grow in your beautiful garden. I will plant, nurture, take photos and blog about them soon. So excited...especially about the nigella, rose campion and wild lupines. I have always admired them. I've never heard of Corncockle, German Catchfly, and Silene so I have some research to do too. Thanks so much.