Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheerful Gloves....Dreary Weather

We made a trip to our nearest shopping city last Saturday and when we were at Costco, I spotted these garden gloves....which immediately jumped into our cart. :-)

Aren't they beautiful? Such bright and cheerful colors and designs, in an attractive package ....and five pairs for only $16.99!

I photographed the back of the package, for you lady gardeners, so you can read the details about each pair. (Click on the photo to enlarge) There are gloves here for every need! From left to right: Goatskin Leather/Spandex, Leather Palm, Nitrile Coated Knit, Latex Coated Knit, and Dotted Jersey. Yes, these were a good value, and cheerful indeed.

The weather, on the other hand, has been wet and dreary.....looks like I will need to be using those waterproof latex coated gloves above. Here you can see the low hanging clouds, and to the left of the greenhouse, my winter sown containers, of which about 2/3 are up and growing. I am just beginning to use the greenhouse for seed starting and growing on. I checked the ten day forecast yesterday and this is what it said:

1. Cloudy
2. Rain/Snow
3. Cloudy
4. Mostly Cloudy
5. Mostly Cloudy
6. Cloudy
7. Rain
8. Dreary - (sigh)
9. Rain,
10. Cloudy

So....I will be hoping those mostly cloudy days will be partly sunny. And that it will dry out enough to plant out my new flowers. I decided I didn't have enough early flowers for my color starved eyes, so I bought crocuses, primulas, and pansies. These should brighten things up until the sun decides to shine again. :-)


Your garden gloves take a beating when you're working in the yard. Sticky mud, grass stains, tree sap and other messy job residue cling to gloves, shortening their working lives and ruining their appearance. Here's an easy way to clean them: (except for leather gloves, of course)

Step 1
Leave the gloves on your hands after you finish working in the yard.
Step 2
Wash your gloved hands with soap and water.
Step 3
Rinse well with fresh water
Step 4
Remove the gloves from your hands.
Step 5
Lay them out flat on top of a water heater or other heat-producing appliance to dry.


Heather said...

Hi Connie- I really hope my closest costco has those gloves. They look like a nice assortment. I am forever ruining my garden gloves. I actually wear them out pretty fast which is funny. Like as a kid you never imagine you will empty a tube of toothpaste or use a whole bar of soap:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie~~ I don't think our Costco has these gloves yet. I'll be on the lookout. Great washing method. Simple yet I never thought of it...hmm.

Your weather forecast looks a lot like the Pacific Northwet. How's that for a Freudian slip? Cheers.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Connie ! Thank you so much for the tip on washing garden gloves .. I feel like an idiot not thinking of that myself ; )
I have two packages of great garden gloves and YES ! the right gloves do make you happy and cheerful when you can work well in them !

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I love your greenhouse!

I go through so many pairs of gloves each year. It's the weed pulling that does them in! I like the idea of 5 pairs at once!


Roses and Lilacs said...

I don't have a Costco in my area regretably. Have most of the same ones purchased one at a time. I use the latex coated ones a lot because you can really grip and pull weeds and grass. A couple times a year heavy leather gloves that cover the wrist and forearms are needed to prune roses.

joey said...

Garden gloves and Costco ~ both on my list of favorite things! Love the gloves ... I'll be on the lookout and thanks for the washing tip, Connie. I will give it a try since I go through so many, especially in muddy spring (except for my leather pruning gloves, I had been soaking, rinsing then washing in machine). I love your greenhouse!

Chris said...

I like the gloves. No Costco near us however. My wonderful hubby likes to pick up cute gardening gloves for me when he sees them in stores because he knows I seem to always need another pair of them.

Dirt Princess said...

Great gloves! Thanks for sharing them with us

Nat said...

I am half tempted to get my garden gloves out of the shed and put them on just to wash them. "The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes a little while longer." So true.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love those gloves, what a bargain! And your greenhouse area is sooo pretty! Someday I'll post a pic of mine, after it's been cleaned up.

O.I.M said...

that is most certainly a cheery assortment of gloves. I have to admit that up until last year I rarely worked with garden gloves. but after getting a very serious rash last summer, the gloves are on. I've got a nice pair of leather gloves that reach almost to my elbow but are surprisingly easy to work with. take that poison ivy! Hope the sunshine finds you soon.

Anonymous said...

Great price for the variety of gloves in that package. Thanks for the tips on how to maintain them, I'm afraid I normally only wear gloves when I'm trimming thorny things. Otherwise I love the feel of my bare hands in the soil when I dig & weed. :)

Me said...

I am smiling at these gloves that 'jumped' into your cart. Next think you know, they will be dancing the polka.

Cat said...

You are so funny! I can't see a thing to write a post about, and you see gloves. I've already discovered washing them, and I'm glad I have 3 pair so I don't have to put on wet gloves. I'm a 'glover' now too. I think you are a right smart girl to go buy some sunshine in the form of those panseys and such. Perhaps I'll do the same. We have snow EVERY day still.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm curious about your winter sown plants ... they appear to be sitting/planted next to your green house with plastic jugs over them. Can you direct me to a post or give directions (please) ... I'm in No. Idaho and my weather is pretty similar to yours.


Connie said...

Mrs. Mac - You can find tons of information on winter sowing at:

Matron said...

An interesting topic, garden gloves. I find that suede, chamois leather or leather make the best gardening gloves.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

What a way to take care of our gloves. I've never figured out how to really keep them nice looking. That might at least give them a shot at a longer life. I usually wait until they are literally HARD before I think about washing them
;-( You paid less than what you'd expect to pay for 1 pr. of the leather ones, or the heavier ones. What a great find:-)

Those low clouds are sure do look menacing! Oh, that darned weather forecaster, I always wonder if they really know what they're talking about;-) (Hmm, I hope your hubby isn't a meterologist!!). Just hang in there and look at your flowers, that should help a little. But gee, it is lousy out there, I'm sorry for ya!

You have a nice looking greenhouse. I'd settle for a not-nice looking one if it meant I could just have one:-D

Beth said...

Hi Connie: I'd give ANYTHING to begin planting something right now. Idaho must have had a pretty mild winter this year?

Connie said...

Hi Beth - Yeah, I know...I shouldn't be complaining....I could still live in N. Dak. (Just teasing) Actually we had a colder than normal winter and only 2 days of full sunshine in March, which puts us behind a little. I live in a river valley so it is a zone 6, while my friend who lives a half hour away, on the prairie, is a zone 4.

Bren said...

I LOVE THE FASHIONABLE GLOVES!!! Searching for them online right now. I am going to check back at your greenhouse blog entries. I recently bought a house similar to yours. Can't wait to visit your blog into the summer season... the flowers are going to be wonderfuL!

Mrs. Mac said...

Connie ... FYI ... the 'unpleasant pheasant' post is not linking through the live feed through my blogger dashboard. There's a message instead that reads:

[Page not found
Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Notes from a Cottage Garden does not exist.

Go to blog homepage]


Kathleen said...

Hi Connie! I'm in love with your greenhouse photo. The little pathway, with the mountains and low hanging clouds ~ it's all very picturesque. Great find on the gloves. I don't have a costco near me either and too bad because my leather gloves have torn on the fingertips so I need to find a new pair this year.
Great pheasant photos in the recent post too. I'd give up a little bulb damage to photograph one that well.

Andrea's Garden said...

Spring has arrived over here after lots of snow late in the winter. Amazing how nature catches up on lost time though. Wishing you a nice Easter weekend! Andrea

Gram said...

My first visit to your blog and I love it. I garden in Colorado and am waiting for spring - we keep having 70 deg days on Tuesday and Wednesday while I'm at work and cold wet weekends - the forecast is for 12-18 inches of snow this Saturday. I appreciate the tips on cleaning garden gloves.

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